Spitfire "JE-J" (EN398) Low Top Canvas Shoes

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Gender: Men
Color: Black
Size: US5/EU38
Canvas Shoes Size Chart
What Size Am I?
Shoe sizes can vary considerably between brands. A US13 with one brand could be a US12 with another brand.  We always recommend doing a quick foot length measurement to find the correct size. Once you have this, you can ascertain your insole measurement (please see the image below) and then simply look that up on our size chart to locate the most appropriate size.
A detailed guide can be founded here.
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US  (M) US (W) EU INSOLE  (in/cm) 
- 5 35 8.7 22.0
- 5.5 36 8.8 22.5
- 6 37 9.2 23.5
5 7 38 9.4 24.0
6 8 39 9.6 24.5
7 9 40 9.8 25.0
7.5 10 41 10.2 26.0
8.5 11 42 10.4 26.4
9.5 11.5 43 10.8 27.4
10 12 44 11.0 28.0
11 - 45 11.4 29.0
12 - 46 11.8 30.0
13 - 47 12.0 30.5
14 - 48 12.4 31.5

Did You Know?
This design is based upon the Spitfire flown by James Edgar “Johnnie” Johnson. There is some conjecture over the color of the maple leaf painted on his aircraft being red or green however years later Johnson stated that the maple leaf on his aircraft was green as we have included here.

James Edgar “Johnnie” Johnson, CB, CBE, DSO & Two Bars, DFC & Bar was a Spitfire fighter ace in the Royal Air Force during World War 2.  Johnson's wartime record was 515 sorties flown, 34 aircraft claimed destroyed with a further seven shared destroyed (three and one shared victories), three probables, 10 damaged, and one shared, destroyed on the ground.  Included in his list of individual victories were 14 Messerschmitt Bf 109s and 20 Focke-Wulf Fw 190s destroyed making him the most successful RAF ace against the Fw 190. This score made him the highest scoring Western Allied fighter ace against the German Luftwaffe.

In 1950 he took an exchange posting to the US Air Force, he served in the Korean War flying the Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star, and later flew the North American F-86 Sabres with the US Air Force Tactical Air Command. 

He finished his career in 1966 as an Air Vice Marshal and passed away in 2001 at the age of 85.