Official Resellers

CAF Rise Above


WarEaglesAirMuseum TexasRaiders


Please note that we are aware of other Vendors purporting to sell our designs however unless shown above these are not an official reseller and we cannot confirm the authenticity of the vendor. We suspect there is no end product for these vendors given we are the copyright holder of these designs and hold the source design files. 

Some of these non-approved vendors include: (now taken down) (now taken down) (now taken down)


This list is dynamic and not exhaustive with stores opening and closing with great frequency.  We are continually monitoring for illegitimate listings of our designs and encourage you to only purchase through the Official Resellers we have listed, or directly through the I Love A Hangar website. This will not only ensure you will receive a quality product but also supports the Official Resellers.


I Love A Hangar Team