SBD Dauntless "Black GC" Low Top Canvas Shoes

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Gender: Men
Color: Black
Size: US5/EU38
Canvas Shoes Size Chart
What Size Am I?
Shoe sizes can vary considerably between brands. A US13 with one brand could be a US12 with another brand.  We always recommend doing a quick foot length measurement to find the correct size. Once you have this, you can ascertain your insole measurement (please see the image below) and then simply look that up on our size chart to locate the most appropriate size.
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US  (M) US (W) EU INSOLE  (in/cm) 
- 5 35 8.7 22.0
- 5.5 36 8.8 22.5
- 6 37 9.2 23.5
5 7 38 9.4 24.0
6 8 39 9.6 24.5
7 9 40 9.8 25.0
7.5 10 41 10.2 26.0
8.5 11 42 10.4 26.4
9.5 11.5 43 10.8 27.4
10 12 44 11.0 28.0
11 - 45 11.4 29.0
12 - 46 11.8 30.0
13 - 47 12.0 30.5
14 - 48 12.4 31.5
Did You Know?

This design is based on SBD-3 Dauntless flown by Clarence Wade McClusky during the Battle of Midway.  McClusky was a pivotal figure during the Battle of Midway, a crucial naval battle in World War II. As the commander of the air group aboard the USS Enterprise, McClusky played a significant role in the American victory.

During the battle, McClusky's leadership and strategic decision-making stood out. On June 4, 1942, his squadron was tasked with locating the elusive Japanese carrier fleet. Through a combination of careful analysis and a bold hunch, McClusky deviated from the planned flight path, ultimately leading him to discover the Japanese carriers. His accurate report of their location allowed American dive-bombers to launch a successful attack, sinking four of the carriers, which were vital components of Japan's naval power.

McClusky's decision to continue the search, even when faced with uncertainty, showcased his determination and quick thinking. His contribution was instrumental in turning the tide of the battle in favor of the United States.  McClusky, for his vital contribution to the outcome of the battle, was awarded the Navy Cross. 

The Battle of Midway marked a significant shift in the Pacific and is often considered a turning point in World War II.