Hurricane "GN-R" Low Top Canvas Shoes

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Gender: Men
Color: Black
Size: US5/EU38
Canvas Shoes Size Chart
What Size Am I?
Shoe sizes can vary considerably between brands. A US13 with one brand could be a US12 with another brand.  We always recommend doing a quick foot length measurement to find the correct size. Once you have this, you can ascertain your insole measurement (please see the image below) and then simply look that up on our size chart to locate the most appropriate size.
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US  (M) US (W) EU INSOLE  (in/cm) 
- 5 35 8.7 22.0
- 5.5 36 8.8 22.5
- 6 37 9.2 23.5
5 7 38 9.4 24.0
6 8 39 9.6 24.5
7 9 40 9.8 25.0
7.5 10 41 10.2 26.0
8.5 11 42 10.4 26.4
9.5 11.5 43 10.8 27.4
10 12 44 11.0 28.0
11 - 45 11.4 29.0
12 - 46 11.8 30.0
13 - 47 12.0 30.5
14 - 48 12.4 31.5

Did You Know?
This design is based upon Hurricane GN-R (V6617) flown by Albert “Zulu” Lewis, DFC & Bar when he became an “ace in a day” for the second time when he shot down 6 enemy aircraft, two probables and one damaged.

Albert Gerald Lewis, DFC & Bar was a South African fighter pilot and fighter ace who flew with the RAF during the Battle of Britan. Lewis initially with No. 616 Squadron at the outbreak of hostilities as a ferry pilot and then moved to No. 504 Squadron, flying Hurricanes. He then moved to No. 85 Squadron in France in April 1940, and on May 19th, 1940, he became an “ace in a day” when he shot down five enemy aircraft, after which he himself was shot down. He would later be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for this action.

Lewis moved to No. 249 Squadron, and on September 27th, he claimed six kills (three Bf 109s, two Bf 110s, and a Ju 88), two probable, and one damaged. While on a patrol on September 28th, he was shot down, suffering serious injuries, including severe burns and shrapnel to the legs.

After recovering from his injuries he returned to the squadron in December 1940, becoming "A" Flight Commander, and was awarded a Bar to his DFC. He finished the war with 18 kills and passed away in 1982, aged 64.