F6F "Minsi III" Backpack

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Did You Know?

This design is based on the F6F Hellcat nicknamed “Minsi III” flown by Captain David McCampbell when he commanded Carrier Air Group 15. Captain McCampbell was the United States Navy's all-time leading flying ace (aka “Ace of the Aces” in the Navy) and top F6F Hellcat ace with 34 aerial victories. He was the third-highest American scoring ace of World War II and the highest-scoring American ace to survive the war. He also set a United States single mission aerial combat record of shooting down nine enemy planes in one mission, on October 24, 1944, at the beginning of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, in the Philippines. He retired from the Navy after 31 years service during which time he was awarded the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit with "V" device, Distinguished Flying Cross x3 and Air Medal x 2. Captain David McCampbell passed away June 30th, 1996 aged 86.