EB-66 "Destroyer" with F-105 "Thunderchiefs" on Mission over North Vietnam on Canvas

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Size: 20x30 cm / 8x12″
Did You Know?

June 14th 1966, an EB-66 tactical jamming aircraft leads four F-105 fighter-bombers as a Pathfinder overhead North Vietnam. Also called synchronous radar bombing or buddy bombing, this method required the EB-66 navigator to use his K-5 radar bombing navigation system to detect the target and send a signal tone to the F-105s to drop their bombs. Throughout the bombing run, the Pathfinder employed its S-band jammers to suppress radar-controlled anti-aircraft guns. Radar film coverage from Pathfinder missions was accumulated by the USAF for more sophisticated and refined targeting, bomb damage assessment and photographic reconnaissance of North Vietnam.