Hawker Hunter Men's Low Top Canvas Shoes - Black - I Love a Hangar
Hawker Hunter Men's Low Top Canvas Shoes - Black - I Love a Hangar
Hawker Hunter Men's Low Top Canvas Shoes - Black - I Love a Hangar
Hawker Hunter Men's Low Top Canvas Shoes - Black - I Love a Hangar
Hawker Hunter Men's Low Top Canvas Shoes - Black - I Love a Hangar

Hawker Hunter Men's Low Top Canvas Shoes - Black

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Did You Know?
In September 1958 the Black Arrows of 111 Sqn RAF were due to appear at the 1958 SBAC Air Show at Farnborough as the premier RAF Aerobatic team. Their Commanding Officer SqnLdr Roger L. Topp was about to hand over command of Treble-one squadron to SqnLdr Peter Latham and had requested permission from the RAF hierarchy to attempt to break the current world record for the number of aircraft to complete a loop, held since February 1958 by the Pakistan Air Force who had successfully looped 16 North American F-86 Sabres.

Permission for the attempt was received and a number of pilots and aircraft needed to complete the formation were seconded from other RAF fighter squadrons to practice for the show. Initially Topp intended to loop 20 aircraft in five lines of four aircraft. Having four aircraft in each line introduced difficulties for the pilots in the rear aircraft who became "thrust limited" over the peak of the loop and would lose position. Topp then decided to make the formation 7 lines of three aircraft. After this was trialled successfully, a fourth aircraft was added to the centre line to improve the aesthetics of the formation and the "22 Hunter Loop" formation was born.

Each day of the Farnborough show, the Black Arrows would start their display with the enormous formation of 22 Hawker Hunter F6's completing two consecutive loops; A world record which has never been equalled. After the loops, six outer aircraft would break off from the formation and the Black Arrows would return for a 16 aircraft roll, another unprecedented feat which, though subsequently equalled by other teams, remains unsurpassed. This design is based on the aircraft flown by SqnLdr Roger L. Topp “XG 194”.

Step into history with our warbird themed canvas shoes! Each pair of shoes are made to order, featuring designs inspired by history’s most remarkable military aircraft and aviators.  So, whether you are a warbird buff, air show fanatic or simply a lover of aviation, you can be certain our designs will bring a touch of style and history to your everyday wardrobe.
✈    Made to order.
✈    Classic lace-up closure to achieve the perfect fit.
✈    Brushed metal eyelets for that timeless style.
✈    Soft inner lining and insole for absolute comfort.
✈    Iconic rounded rubber toe cap.
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